Massage Therapy Services



A firm and nurturing massage using a variety of techniques to support full body relaxation.


This invigorating and rejuvenating treatment uses deep tissue, traction, and compression. Perfect for pain management, muscle soreness, and chronic injuries. 

Sports Massage

A customized treatment for athletes and weekend warriors.  Includes stretching, deep tissue, and trigger point release.

Golfers Fusion

The ultimate treatment for improving golf swing, hip flexibility, and low back relief.  Aids in recovery pre and post game. It is recommend once a week to experience improvement in range of motion for activity.

Computer Desk Relief

This massage will bring increased circulation, pain relief, and fresh oxygenated blood back to areas that are in a compressed position day in and day out.  The focus of this massage is the prevention of chronic overuse injuries in the neck, arms, and hands. 

Flexibility Session

Increase range of motion in all major joints with this facilitated stretching session.  PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) technique will be used to lengthen muscle fibers to a relaxed & elongated state.  Recommended for those who have difficulty stretching on their own.

Massage Wellness Packages

Detoxify and purify your mind and body with a regular massage schedule

Massage Packages